ElGrandeToto | Piccola

ElGrandeToto – Piccola (Official Music Video)

Directed by : Maximus Marcus

Prod : Hades

Co-produced by CHBK

Rec : Deadstar Studios (Mohammedia, Morocco)

Mix-Master : ZakCosmosProd au Studios Cosmos (Brussels; Belgium)

Coordinator : Anas Abaayouss

Set Photographer : Souad Bakri

Manager : Soufiane Fahssi

Extra-shots : Drisigner (La Bellevilloise, Paris; France)

Guests : Spleux, Lionbad, Izudizzy, Mourad L’imprevisible,
Big thanks to L’Boulevard & GA3 L’PUBLIC DYAL CASA.

BNJCITYBLOCK ,MAXTEAMPRODUCTION © 2018 all rights reserved

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