ISSAM – Wra Tabi3a (Official Music Video)

Directed by: Issam Harris
Director of Photography: Anas Beriane

Music Production : Taemintekken & Prince85
Mixing & Mastering : Clément Caritg (Noble Paris)

Produced by Abdeslam Alaoui aka Daox
Production Company: Copperhead
Executive Director: Essadik Asli
Editor : Issam Harris and Pola Mato
Colorist : Thierry Phung
Starring: Houda El Mahraoui
Production Supervisor: Hamza El Maliki
Assist. Production Director 1 : Joseph Ouechen
Photographer : Joseph Ouechen
Stylist: Mohcine Harisse
Makeup: Vanity Dusk
Costume Designer: Mohcine Harisse
Post Production: Copperhead
Casting Manager : Kamal
Artwork & Typography : Kareem Lotfy

Special Thanks: Tartar Colors – Nor Family – Yuru Lights – Salima El Marhaoui – Karim Kaissoumi

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